Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miracles Happen Every Day

The little girl in the bed across from us drowned in the family pool 3 days ago. Her father and a neighbor rescued her after she had been in the water for an unknown period of time (maybe 5 minutes or more). She was LifeFlighted here the night before last from Santa Rosa. Here's a link to the newspaper story about what happened to her:

Yesterday she was clearly out of it - very quiet, greyish, crying. Today she is a totally normal seeming 3 year old- chatty, singing, going on walks, telling her parents what to do.

It's unbelievable to see what can happen here. We have beds facing each other and have had a few conversations with the Mom to help her get through the first 36 hours after something horrible like this happens. Her parents are doing so much better and really wanted to take a picture of us since we have developed a little bond. We thought we should take one too!

Here is Haylee and her parents tonight, quite alive and happy and probably going home in a few days. Yea Haylee!!!

It's amazing what happens here at CHO- the most incredible stories and the hardest ones. These are the scrappiest kids I have ever seen. A lot of the children here are making it through the most horrible, impossible things and so are their parents. We are doing all we can to support the people that are suffering and borrow joy from those who are making progress. This is truly community in the making.


Polly said...

Since you two are pretty scrappy, I'm sure your little guy is also. Go Simon, Shake your Booty! We love you!

dk said...

Wow - I had no idea that's what had happened to her. What a terrifying story.

It was so good to see the little man yesterday! He looks fantastic.