Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Quiet Sunday

Another weekend gone by and Simon is recovering well from his surgery yesterday. He's a little sore and so has been getting regular doses of Tylenol but really that's about it. We're done with one dose of lipids and Simon already put on four ounces in the last two days. They're going with the all fat, all the time diet for at least another day and we're thinking of changing Shimmy's name to Gordo to suit him better. It's really exciting to see new rolls around his thighs and wrists. It's even been said that his cheeks are larger :-)
He also seems to be sweating less hopefully meaning that his heart isn't working quite as hard.
It's been quiet with visitors today and Jaime and I even got to go down to the cafeteria to enjoy some delicious food (Thank you Alicia!!) while Simon took a nice long nap in his bed.
Carol our nurse and new best friend is sitting here shooting the poop with us and just informed us that the lipids are in fact fat drawn from Soy. Not the Crisco can that I thought but close to it. I swear to god that's just what it looks like.
My hope now is that we're done with major interventions and are in for a long but steady recovery with no bumps but simple days of napping, reading, taking short walks, smiling, the occasional giggle and hitting new developmental milestones (hello...turning pages in a book!)
Ridiculous Sweetness: One of our nurses showed up today for her shift and stopped by to stay Hi. Yeah, not even his nurse and she came by to say hi. That's been happening a lot.
Anyway, she came in and said that she had a present for us. She handed over this awesome blanket that she'd made!!
It's orange with soft soft fleece on the inside. She said that sometimes nurses make blankets for babies that have been in the ICU for a while. She said that she thought that Simon hadn't been in THAT long but she wanted to give him something.
The love just continues to flow in and out and all around.



Anonymous said...

yeah for orange blankets, quiet Sunday afternoons and a peaceful baby with with chubby thighs!

Off to bed with a peaceful feeling for Simon and his Moms.

Carol, Pat and Katie
(Z and Cecelia, too!)

Carolyn said...

Well, this is one heck of a predictable post coming from me. so much so, that you could tell just who it was even if posted as anonymous . . . but, here goes just the same. I wish I was made of soy, cuz gals, I would love love love to be a lipid donor. Have you seen my hiney lately? Yeegods. Hooray for chubby thighs my eye! Aaaah, but I kid. I'm a kidder. Really, I'm all for fat babies. I'm still a fat baby myself. Tell Simon it's pretty fun being a baby bon vivant. And, tell him to revel it in. And you too. Nothing more fun that making motor boat sounds on chubby baby-thighs.

But never mind about my marriage.

love, wait for it . . . Carolyn. Yeah, you heard me. Carolyn

Trudi said...

I am thinking of you all every every day. If ever there was a baby and a family that will get through this, it's Simon and his Mamas. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm wishing good for you, too.