Thursday, August 28, 2008

He's back

For the most part, Simon's back to where he was on Monday. Tuesday was wicked scary, yesterday all about sleeping and today he seems almost back to where we were before the staph infection really hit.
He's still feverish but we're controlling that with Tylenol and Motrin. He's on a 10 day regiment of anti-biotics but they've switched it from Vancomyecin to Oxycillin as they were able to isolate the bacteria and find the most effective treatment for it. The nice thing is that the infection at the Broviak site is in fact the same that was found to be in his blood and it's not the resistant to anti-biotic kind which is great.
The bummer is that this is a set back in terms of when we might be able to leave the hospital but since we weren't really working off any kind of time frame it's not that palpable just that it's a set back.
I got some smiles and chuckles this morning (Simon is working on his "razzberry" and was enjoying my mock sneezing) and Auntie Dre, who has been an amazing constant for little Shimmy (really since his birth but even more so during this time) was the perfect snooze pillow.
We've misplaced our camera :-( so no pictures right now but Simon's looking good.
Love to all his fans out there.



Fresh Ground Knits said...

Good to hear that he's responding well! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this. Not so in touch right now b/c of own health crap (it's all fine), but reading and thinking about you all every day. xxooJoan

Anonymous said...

Hugs to my mama heroes and to Shimmy, from Wowlvenn (currently in LA with Elka, but can help out more when I get back)

Anonymous said...

Hugs for one of the coolest families in the entire hospital. I was the envy of all the residents with my Team Shimmy pin (btw, I think Grandpa might hafta start making some more with the way mine was getting eyed ;). And though I'm no longer in the PICU, I promise to keep an extra eye on Simon (the nurses are all wondering why I'm sneaking into the ICU to look up his notes at midnight ;).
Good luck with everything :) And take care of yourselves!! (Dr's orders ;) - "Dr. Dan"

Polly said...

Great News ladies! Your journey has helped me have way more patience with my own kids, so they thank you that mean mommy is being nicer. Cedar sends a special hello and lots of love. He wants to send you a song, so we are working on that. Lot's of love.

Joan said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad to share my sleep pillow with Simon and I love my new Team Shimmy pin. I'll be in this weekend to hang with you all, so let me know what baked yummies you'd like, now that it's cooler and I can turn on the oven without the risk of heat stroke.

Much love,

andreana clay said...

Ah, I made the blog.:) I love my little man and you and Jaime. I hope he's doing as well today. I'll make it up there sometime this weekend. give him a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

I FINALLY had a chance today to catch up on reading Simon's blog since Dina and I left on August 11th for Northampton. We got here a week ago and have been looking for housing and a job, but thinking of you all every day. I can't believe all that you three (and everyone else) have been through. Simon- you're getting lots of love and good thoughts from Uncle Vanya! Laura and Jaime- I'm sending you a lot of New England love! xoxo Vanya