Friday, February 20, 2015

New York New York!!

 Our New York Trip from January

We landed softly...

only to brave the harsh cold winter

Simon was enjoying some black ice while Jaime was not enjoying much at all.

Nothing like a little FroYo when it's 9 Degrees outside

Simon and MM brave the Decepticons 
that are known to hang out in NYC apartment buildings

Laura and MM visit the Ice Rink
 where they spent many an hour going in circles

Larry and Simon worked out some differences- Larry Lost.

MM loves her Fart Gun!

 The Manhattan Children's Museum was a blast

As was visiting family in CT and getting our Hockey on!!

Simon and his new idol Shri!

Getting some pointers

 Ready for his first slap shot!

 Love with the cousins!

Jaime still has a thing or two to learn about putting on her own Hockey gear

Vietnamese food with PopPop

Jaime and Laura spiff up for a wedding

Fancy Pants (or in this case beaded dresses)

The family that goofs off together....


Jaime and the Groom

And the Bride!

Visiting the Cloisters

Locked in the Cloisters

Finally getting to teach the boy true appreciation for New York Pizza.....Priceless

Now we're back to a nice routine and getting serious

One more from NYC. With Uncle B!  As in Barry.
Family is the Best!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Sorry we're such slackers over here.   Had an amazing trip to NYC for a week (will try to get pics up soon) and then fell right back into crazy, typical life.  Been meaning to post for weeks, but...

We do have one noteworthy thing to post about. We hit a huge landmark on January 29th.  Simon lost his first tooth!  I was inordinately excited about Simon's wiggly tooth and couldn't figure out exactly why I was so invested, until Laura astutely remarked that this is one of the only developmental markers that doesn't involve some kind of skill.

The tooth-losing process doesn't really have benchmarks and standards, assessments or evaluations.  There's no real way to lose your teeth "wrong" or "off" or "slow" in the way you can with so many other developmental stages.  It's just pure, unadulterated growth.

Not the best pic, but you get the idea.  The tooth just next to his new gap is also wiggly, so we might have a bonafide snaggletooth soon!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sun and Moon....and Bow.

This morning we learned of another baby that passed from Cardiomyopathy. It felt like a punch to the chest joined with a weight pulling you down deep into the worst parts of the 'what if' darkness.

Then I remember that there are other things to focus on, deep breaths to take and pictures to share that can bring me back to the here and NOW.  I am holding that Mama and her family in the Light and remembering to celebrate the Light that shines on us now.

It's kind of a seriously amazing Light.
Check out what Simon started yesterday.

Kung Fu and Destiny Arts!

He started even before he got his belt on!

White Belt and Power bracelet

I suspect that he wanted me to stop taking pictures


60 minutes of amazing focus!

Learning the bow

Fighting the Dragon!


I can't help picturing...

We have come from this this.