Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorry So Long

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I've heard now from several people "it's been a while,eh?" (and I don't just mean the Canadians).

Here we are one day into Simon's new diet and so far so good, on so many levels. At our last GI visit we got the go-ahead to switch Simon from his infant formula to something more age-appropriate and got a prescription for Pediasure. On Thursday we found out that it would in fact be covered by insurance (that's a little more $$ that we don't have to it can go towards a YMCA membership-yeeehaw!), and on Friday night we began the month long process of switching over. We change 25% a week so his little tumm can get used to it.

*warning- poop talk coming up*

And it's so amazing but Simon's poop is changing. This has been happening since about a week ago but the little man has started pooping turds rather than the usual diaper-fill-'em-up baby poops. I can't believe I'm going to say this was so exciting to see his first turd!

*sniff* my baby's growing up. I had to make Jaime change his diaper today just so she could get a first hand (literally. Hah!) feeling for what I was talking about.

Poop talk done.

He really is growing and changing day by day. He crawls at a fairly rapid clip when he really wants to get somewhere. He pulls himself up on just about anything-including Roxie. He has clear likes and dislikes with books, stuffed animals, etc. He will instigate playing certain games, like 'Peekaboo" and fake-yawning or coughing. He's bringing more and more things to his mouth for tasting and playing. He is hugging and kissing inanimate objects on command and hugging and nuzzling his Mommy and Mama with delicious abandon.

It's been a sweet and exhausting time as of late. Jaime and I are hitting new and deeper levels of co-parenting (that's a cake walk right?). And there are some new and completely open ended questions that have come up in the medical department (that's another post coming soon).

So I'm sorry for the gap between posts and not sorry at all to have so many of you ask when the next one's coming. It just means that the Fitch-Jenett family is three strong but so so many more.

Love love love


Busted playing with a Cheese Puff

Mr. Longhair practicing walking with his little cart & baby doll

A boy and his dog