Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still on the track...just waaaay back

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Simon had his 6 month check up with the Regional Center yesterday. That's the organization that's been providing us with Feeding Therapy. We were checking in on that but also doing a general evaluation to see where Simon was at developmentally in all the other areas. Both Jaime and I had been preparing ourselves for what seemed obvious (especially obvious when we are with other children). Simon is delayed. We know that.
We just had it confirmed in an official way and it sucks.
This evaluation was a general one that comes from asking questions from a form but it looks at the larger areas of development to assess whether further more specialized evaluation is needed. We looked at Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, Eating, and Social Skills. On at least three (Eating, Problem Solving, and Gross Motor) Simon is delayed and on two of those (eating and Problem Solving) he pretty much scored a Zero.
It's been a week and I'm sorry I haven't written but suffice to say that the above put me in a funk for a few days. I just wonder if it's more of a timeline thing with Simon and he's just moving at his own pace, moving being the key word.

Or, are we dealing with some deficiencies that are less about Simon just getting 'there' a little slower and more about not getting there at all.

More to come in that regard.
As for the rest of the week and into the New Year (Rosh Hashanah was last weekend) we are looking forward to much sweetness this year and hoping to continue on our no-major-drama path. We continue on with swimming, playing in sand, scooting, cruising, and making new monkey sounds.
It's a hard road for sure with some incredible vistas, gentle ups, downs, and a pretty long stretch of level trail right now.
October brings our Cardiology visit after two months of CoQ 10 and Homeopathy. I will not get my hopes up for big change.

Maybe just a little.
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