Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Quick

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8:00 Wake up (after a full nights sleep)

9:30 At school tearing it up

12:30 Home

1:15 Asleep (blessed be)
..........................Until 5:00................WHAT?!?!

8:00 Bedtime

10:00 Actual time quieting down

3:30am Kind of awake and talking

5:30am Raring to go- Ridiculously happy

I don't understand.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Naps are for Babies

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And apparently Simon is not a baby.

He's on some kind of developmental tear and for the last three days has forgone naps. Granted, he's also back to sleeping nights after working out a wicked cold (again, he handled it much better than I did) but holy heck, he's been stupid cute and clearly getting ready to do big things.

We've got new words and new sign language down. He's very clear telling us when he wants more of something and just recently started doing the sign for 'yes' when we ask him whether he wants something or not.

I haven't seen it yet firsthand but I'm imagining it's a little like the fist pump from the MTV show the Jersey shore only just in a slightly different position and with a lot less hair gel involved (although tonight's yogurt did go right into the hair so.....)

As much as I thought I might fall down from exhaustion by 8pm, I also thought I might fall down from laughter.

He's working his eyebrows in new ways. He's making new sounds and mimicking words and sentences. He's pushing his crocodile walker from one end of the room to the other, pivoting, and heading back again. He's pushing limits and testing boundaries (oh lordy).

In general, he's just being an amazing baby......sorry...little boy.

The back pain, the sinus pressure, the sleeplessness, it's all transient.

My relationship to this little wonder, forever.

MM arrives this Friday!! (so does smoked mozzarella from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx!! I'm thinking that since Simon is biologically related to me that there's a really good chance he's going to want to inhale this like I do.)

Today at PIP.....

Simon and Winona at school

Stunning in light blue

Thinking is hard work- looking good doing it though

Simon getting way into music time

Out of my own groove and back to playing with the band