Friday, January 23, 2009

Dance Party in the Annex

Locations of visitors to this pageAfter a rough first half of the day (Simon was pissed and in pain after his local anesthetic wore off), we enjoyed a long nap from Simon, a walk around the hospital and then, after Laura left, a Salsa dance party at the bed next door.

There is an amazing 13 year old girl next to us who survived what should have been a fatal car accident. She's got her front teeth knocked out and a monster scar across her head and her face, a tracheotomy, the list goes on. Nurses say from the moment she woke up, she's been a fire cracker. Evidently even when she couldn't even open her eyes b/c her face was so swollen, she was cracking jokes and chatting with everyone and has a great attitude.

She's originally from El Salvador and still learning English but she and Laura had a great talk today about their accidents. Laura talked to her for a long time about it being okay to cry about the accident, now is the time to really feel all the feelings and that she's really safe here- everyone here understands the magnitude of what happened. I think it was great for our new friend to talk to someone else who has survived that kind of trauma.

Then, tonight Carol, our primary PM nurse, decided that it was time for a little physical therapy for her, in the form of a dancing. We used our iPod and speakers and me, our neighbor and 4 nurses danced our little hearts out right here in the Annex for 4 songs. It was AWESOME.

Simon slept through the whole thing which was also awesome.

I'm staying over in case Simon has a rough night. My mom stayed over last night (god bless her) and they both slept pretty much the whole night. I'm hopeful but who knows.

Until tomorrow...

Simon is out of surgery and looking good!

Locations of visitors to this pagePissed and sounds like a baby pteradactyl and has a funny looking button in his belly, but came through the anesthesia with flying colors.

Laura just said to Simon, "I know it hurts. I actually really do know it hurts!" Ahhhhh the Mother-Son bonding of abdominal surgery 1 week apart. How sweet.

Phew. Huge relief to have this done. He's going to be very grumpy for a few days, but hopefully we can start him eating soon.

Okay, a weekend in the hospital and then hopefully home Monday.

We also got a gorgeous quilt from the recovery room nurse- volunteers make blankets for long term kids. I think Simon definitely qualifies!

Much love
More later

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a quickie

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Too much to write about since Wednesday when we were admitted to the ICU.
Surgery is tomorrow (Fri) at 8:30am. There is risk involved but we're hoping and expecting smooth sailing.
Please send your love light to Mr Shimmy. Imagining him bathed in all your good thoughts helps us to rest tonight. Thank you.
More tomorrow after we're through it.

Love to all

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home at Last!

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Laura just got home. Will write more later, including her hilarious adventures last night. It just got worse after I left...

Yea for family reunited! Boo for 2 hospitals in one week!