Friday, March 12, 2010

Walk down that road

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We are two weeks into continuous colds but I'm hoping that we're going to get a break as Simon seems to be kicking this last one pretty fast. It's been a couple of weeks of rain and isolation and no napping so....please let there be some light (daylight savings pun intended) at the end of the tunnel.
The scare last week of Simon spiking a fever and just lying around groaning was a painful reminder of that fear that I've mostly put away. That worry of "is this the cold that might send us back to the hospital?" Yeah that one. After at least a half dozen colds that Simon sailed right through, certainly with some choppy waters but no capsizing, I had neatly tucked that terror away in a drawer and covered it with sweaters that I almost never wear.
Then, he was looking like he just felt terrible. Normally he compensates beautifully even though we can hear the congestion and/or coughing. All of a sudden he wasn't compensating AND he was coughing and snuffling. Then he spiked a fever. He spiked a fever of 101.2 while he was on a combination of Tylenol and Motrin and was wheezing again.
And so the calling began. Within 40 minutes we had talked to the pediatrician on call at his regular Dr's practice, the cardiologist on call at the hospital, his regular pediatrician (who just called to check in after the on-call Dr had called her), and Jaime and I conferencing about whether or not to just bring him in.
Amazingly, in that time his fever broke and his breathing slowed some. It was all too familiar.
Once again though, Simon manages to pull it out in the final minutes before the bell rings.
We've still been battling congestion and some wicked coughing but his heart rate and energy are more than holding their own.....working with so much less that you or me!!
Oh yeah, and some where between that and the current moment he started walking and hasn't really stopped. Life is alternately picked up it's pace and slowed itself down exponentially.
While it took us over 20 minutes to walk the block and a half to the Farmer's Market this morning (Simon has not yet mastered the 'shortest distance between two points' thing) it also means that I pick up my pace a million times a day making sure that he's not walking into the street, on to our neighbor's porch, into that open car door, in the opposite direction that we're trying to go, picking up cigarette butts from the sidewalk, and in general putting himself into mortal danger.
I'm a little tired.
That's all I got for now. Well, that and some stinkin' cute pictures.

Heeeeeyy, how you doin'!

Aaaargh matey!

Check out my Cher impersonation

I just put my swim trunks on my head while Mom was in the other room. She doesn't quite know what to say about this.

I can just use my eyes as flashlights if there's ever a blackout.
Soooo bright you'd never know I'm on day 12 of numerous colds