Sunday, January 20, 2013

Calistoga Adventure

We went to Calistoga to celebrate Jaime's 37th birthday and had some fun adventures!  Friends, soaking, eating, visiting a natural geyser and tiny baby goats.  Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday.

Wyatt and Simon, just before meeting celeb chef Michael Chiarello in a coffee shop

Zuzu and Simon maxin' and relaxin'

Laura and Zuzu trying to break the airplane

Grubbing at Gott's Roadstand

Hillary, Laura and Karen chowing down

Simon, not so sure about this goat

Laura, very sure about this sheep

5 day old Fainting Goats.  Yes, they were that cute.

Love Fest

Laura and Karen also trying to break the helicopter
 This video of Simon talking to all the goats slays me every time I watch it.
 He's like the Mayor of the barnyard.