Thursday, February 4, 2010

All about me

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Simon's fine. Doing great. Looking good (see last entry). Stable as a table.

Mommy's working some shit out.

I'm going away for the weekend with my sister. Just me and my sister. No Simon. Trippy. That's a lot to be thinking and preparing for right?

Naaahh, let's add on an Echo Cardiogram on Friday morning just for fun. No, not for Simon. His regular appointment is coming up on the 8th. No, this one's for me.

I'm fine (I think). This is the Echo that was reccomended by Simon's Cardiologist research studies that show that cardiomyopathy can sometimes be genetic.

----------------------------Wrote a lot more, lost it, done for the night.
1) Echo for me
2) My mom leaves after a week of being here (so fabulous- no words- huge love)
3) I leave for the weekend- first time away from Simon

Think good thoughts please.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Very Happy Boy

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He's adorable and one of the most joyful little one's I've ever met. I know I'm biased but still...

Swimming with Mommy

Ride that Duck!!
Looking good in my bathing suit
Hey Mom, Check this out! (see next pic)
I can communicate through my eyebrows