Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo Catch Up

It's been too long but since there's no time and a picture is worth a thousand words...


Cousin Love

 Cousins on the hammock

Matzoh Crackers!

At the LA Zoo

Simon does love him some goats

...and some Meerkats
 ...and some Mama

So this is what we do for fun in Oakland
 It's Highsterical right?!!

Oh yeah? You're in LA now. We just make everything look bad ass with our stares.

 Fitchford & Sons

Heading Home

 "it's all good. I got this."
 "Dude, can you believe they're letting me fly!"

Kissy Time (how much longer will it last?)
 New Clothes from MM and PopPop

 Ralph Lauren Modeling contract here I come.

Love from Simon Leve Fitch-Jenett Land