Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best Birthday Party on the Block

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Holy crap people. We counted over 115 people and we're pretty sure we're still missing a few. It was so beautiful! We had a song from our bard Cody, beautiful Hula dancing from Auntie Karen and friend, a crapload of cupcakes from various aunties, visits from some of Simon's lifesavers in the hospital (Dr. Williams, Dr. Rosenfeld, Nurse Megan and a group of other CHO rockstars!) as well as friends and loved ones from all our various circles.

We only caught a few pics, but know that there are some awesome ones coming in from others, so we'll post more when we have them. Here's a start:
Mmmmmmmmmmm cupcakes!

I swear I heard the table groan from all the food

Simon, looking quite adorable, with Mamaw

Simon, with his half sister Emily


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simon can have his cake and eat it too!!

We had a most excellent birthday dinner for Simon with 3/4's of his California Grandparents (we missed you Ed).
Grandma Nola made a most delicious Angel food cake for our little Angel and Simon was way too excited to sample his first Peep, chocolate icing, and freshly made whipped cream.
It was a sweet sweet night as you can see.

Simon's new hat from Mamaw

What?! What are you looking at? I'm cake-boy

Mommies and cake-boy

Mamaw D, Grandma Nola, G'Pa Bruce and Cake-boy

Grandparent Love

Mmmm I like this peep thing

Happy One Year Old

Before the assault

One Year Today!!!

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Birthday Royalty!!

Today is Simon (and Alicia's) Birthday.


One year ago Simon decided, with the help of some prostaglandins, that today was the day and we didn't have to wait any longer.

For those of you that don't know, Simon's original due date was April 1st (no foolin') and by April 9th our Midwife suggested that we try a mostly non-invasive procedure to get things started. I say mostly because the procedure does involve having some one's (an OB) finger separate the placenta from the uterine wall to release the prostaglandin hormone and there's a little something invasive about that ;-)

Within minutes I was having full on active labor contractions and 7 hours later....there he was.

And here we are one full year, 12 lunar cycles, 52 weeks, a whole set of holidays, a new american idol season, and of course all that other stuff that fills up a calendar year... later.

Oh right and then there is all that other stuff that has filled this year. One terrible terrible day that started off so many terrible, wonderful, scary, horrific, forgetting to breathe, connecting with new and old community, being in the moment, getting ready to say goodbye to my son, crying on the floor, holding on to Jaime, intubation, blood tests, echo cardiograms, spinal taps, lines going in, infected lines coming out, breast feeding, bottle feeding, bolus feeding, pump feeding, hospital cafeteria feeding (the grown ups), trips cancelled, visitors from the east coast, new friends, old friends, food drop offs, hospital baths with Carol, tubes, tubes and more tubes, finally less tubes, medications, and moment after moment of enjoying Simon....days.

His smile, his skin, his gaze, his laugh, his hands reaching, his body growing (and growing and growing), his spirit.

Simon, one year old today and so much more.

I want to cry and laugh and shake all at once, all day long.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Party Info Again

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Simon's first birthday is coming up April 9th.

In the absence of a big pile of money from a celebrity to have an outrageous party, we'll be having a good old fashioned lesbian potluck (non-lesbians very welcome to attend!) to celebrate Simon beating the odds and making it to a chubby, smiley, happy, first birthday.

Saturday April 11th
2 pm - 5 pm
Lakeside Park Oakland

There is a BIG playground nearby, a large Picnic table, a huge expanse of grass (bring blanket to sit on or folding chair if you want to) and bathrooms nearby. We plan to just have a mellow, rolling-in-the-grass, face -stuffing, celebrating-miracles time of it.

Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring anyone who has ever heard of our dear son and wants to meet him in the flesh. Bring a guitar. Bring a drum/ tuba. Bring a song to teach and/or share. There will be speeches and singing and merriment galore.

We want this to be an opportunity for anyone and everyone who has been tracking his progress and sending him love to come and show your face so we can thank you in person. This means *you*!

We'll provide sandwiches, you bring a side and/or drinks.
We got plates and cups and such.

Please email if you think you'll be coming and roughly how many people you'll be dragging along with you, just so we can plan the sandwiches.

Directions:From San Francisco:
Bay Bridge and take the exit onto I-580 E toward State Hwy 24/Hayward - StocktonStay on I-580 E toward Hayward - StocktonTake the exit toward Lakeshore Ave/Grand AveTurn right at Grand AveTurn left at Perkins Ave (there is a Gas Station on the corner- go left on Perkins here)Turn left on Bellevue Ave (It's one way) to find parking

From Peninsula:
Cross Dumbarton or San Mateo Bridge and get on 880 North
Take the Oak St exit toward Lakeside Dr
Turn right at Oak St
Continue on Lakeside Dr
Slight left at Harrison St
Turn right at Grand Ave
Turn right at Perkins Ave (there is a Gas Station on the lefthand corner- go Right on Perkins here)
Turn left on Bellevue Ave (it's one way) to find parking

From Berkeley:
Take 580 East
Take the exit toward Lakeshore Ave/Grand Ave
Turn right at Grand AveTurn left at Perkins Ave (there is a Gas Station on the corner- go left on Perkins here)
Turn left on Bellevue Ave (It's one way) to find parking

From BART (about a mile walking)
Go to the 19th Street Station
Head northeast on Broadway toward 20th St/Thomas L Berkley Way
Turn right at Grand Ave
Slight right to stay on Grand Ave
Turn right at Perkins Ave
Turn left at Bellevue Avenue
Find street parking anywhere
We will be under the trees right where Perkins Avenue forms a T with Bellevue.

Can't wait to see you!