Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simon can have his cake and eat it too!!

We had a most excellent birthday dinner for Simon with 3/4's of his California Grandparents (we missed you Ed).
Grandma Nola made a most delicious Angel food cake for our little Angel and Simon was way too excited to sample his first Peep, chocolate icing, and freshly made whipped cream.
It was a sweet sweet night as you can see.

Simon's new hat from Mamaw

What?! What are you looking at? I'm cake-boy

Mommies and cake-boy

Mamaw D, Grandma Nola, G'Pa Bruce and Cake-boy

Grandparent Love

Mmmm I like this peep thing

Happy One Year Old

Before the assault


Elisa said...

Happy Birthday Simon!

Sol said...

No, Simon can have his cake and WEAR it too.

Amy said...

So glad Simon had such a fun birthday! Can't wait to hear about today's party! Lots of love to you all.

Suzy said...

Dearest family,
Hip,Hip Hooray for most adorable Simon and his amazing mamas. Sending love and hugs thru Anna and Hillary.
oxxxo Great Ant Suzy