Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best Birthday Party on the Block

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Holy crap people. We counted over 115 people and we're pretty sure we're still missing a few. It was so beautiful! We had a song from our bard Cody, beautiful Hula dancing from Auntie Karen and friend, a crapload of cupcakes from various aunties, visits from some of Simon's lifesavers in the hospital (Dr. Williams, Dr. Rosenfeld, Nurse Megan and a group of other CHO rockstars!) as well as friends and loved ones from all our various circles.

We only caught a few pics, but know that there are some awesome ones coming in from others, so we'll post more when we have them. Here's a start:
Mmmmmmmmmmm cupcakes!

I swear I heard the table groan from all the food

Simon, looking quite adorable, with Mamaw

Simon, with his half sister Emily


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malissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful Bodacious Baby Simon - and to his moms, who we firmly believe deserve to be celebrated as the heroes of this wonderful day.... You are doing it...keep on keeping on!

Love, Malissa, Matt and Lilia Lash in Washington DC (Em's fam)