Saturday, February 20, 2010

All's well

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All appears to be well in the Fitch-Jenett household.  Laura is off at a tattoo appointment, the baby is sleeping and I've been wreaking havoc in the kitchen.  

This past week was a little dramatic but it was all run-of-the-mill, normal life stuff and it just felt like nothing.  Monday I fell on our walkway while holding Simon.  He slept through the whole thing and I didn't get hurt, just a little sore.  Tuesday morning we had a weird, homophobic incident while getting coffee all together before I went to work. Then Wednesday morning while I was driving to work, I hit a sinkhole on the interstate, blew out my tire and had to cross 5 lanes of rush hour traffic to get to the shoulder.  

They all definitely rattled my nerves, but, honestly, it barely made a mark on my week, other than giving me good water cooler stories at work. I'm not sure if it's a perspective borne of experiencing true terror and drama, or if it's how I'd handle things  5 years ago, but it was nice not to have my week ruined by icky things. 

I was thinking about marriage the other day and came up with a somewhat horrible, but kind of good analogy.  I told Laura I thought being married was a little like being in a boxing ring.  You're in a contained space, with clear boundaries, but the edges are flexible and you can push on them and push off them and work your stuff out in there, knowing that you're going to stay in the ring.  If you take out the violent boxing stuff, it kind of works, right?  We decided to change it to a WWF wrestling ring and then Laura suggested Cage Fighting.  We had a good giggle thinking about us working out typical married struggles with crazy costumes, masks and stage names.  I'm not sure what our names would be...any suggestions?

Simon has been walking like a maniac (albeit assisted).  He mostly prefers to walk now, holding a finger or one of his walkers.  He still sort of walks like Frankenstein, but he's starting to bend his knees and walk like a human a little more. 

Here are some recent pics:

Simon, walking with his newly Domestically Partnered Godmamas

Looking happy as can be: