Friday, March 20, 2009


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That's Simon saying "Hi" to you all. That 2nd one is whispered, which is his new favorite way of saying the word. Too cute. There seem to be at least 6 variations on the way that he says it now but the first morning, eyes just opened, slow sweet smile, "Hi" whispered ever so gently might be my favorite.

Although I will say that last night's "Hi" might take the cake.

So Jaime and I had our Thursday night date, a lovely excursion into the city for Papusas (thank you Alicia and Karen for a wonderful impromptu double date) and returned home to a little rascal still awake and chipper as all get out at 8:45 pm (way late for this little man).
After much cajoling, getting the overnight feed started, reading and signing again (third time's a charm), and meds administered, both Simon and his Mommies seem to settle in for the night. I say "seem" because after about another 30 minutes of Jaime and I lying in bed, quietly chatting, we hear some movement over in the little man's bed.

First we see the hand. It creeps up slowly to grasp the top edge of the brown and white checked crib bumper. Again, with a deliberate grasp, the second hand follows it.
We watch as both of them clench and pull, allowing the head to pull up over the edge of said bumper.
And there he is, awake as though the sun were high in the sky. Eyes wide open, smile playing across his sweet little punim (face).

For dramatic effect he pauses, his gaze fixed on his mommy (plural) target, and then lets out a quiet but clear "Hi".
He again pauses, and then slowly lowers himself back down with what I can only imagine is a double-wide shit-eating grin as his mothers fall on each other with uncontrollable (although for volume's sake we are trying) laughter.
It made me want to jump out of my skin for all the cuteness.

Besides that, we have had quite the busy week.
Last Friday we had our first of three evaluations through the Regional Center of the East Bay. We were referred there by the CHO folk when we were first discharged and have been hoping to get our Occupational Therapy (for eating) through them since it would be free of charge. They are an amazing organization that offers services that are not necessarily financially based but developmentally. So, as we hover right above that financial cap for qualifying for federal and/or statewide services, and I do mean right above, the Regional Center looks at the child and offers services based on the medical and developmental needs instead of financial.
Our first evaluation was for Physical Therapy. Last Friday a wonderful physical therapist came to our house (yes, I said "came to our house") and spent an hour going over how Simon is doing in regards to his gross motor skills. After checking him out and asking lots of questions she said "He's not like most of the cardiac babies that I see. Usually they just kind of lie there looking wan and listless." GO SIMON!!!

He's just a little behind (as an 11 month old, he's moving more like a 9-10 month old). Given that he's been in heart failure, spent four months in the ICU, and should be 'wan and listless', I was pretty psyched to hear all that. She also showed us just a few things that Jaime and I could be doing to move him along. We've been working with him for just a few days and already I can see a difference in how he's moving, getting himself ready to stand up and locomote more independently.
It was a pretty positive interaction.
Then this past Tuesday we had our home nursing visit with Sherri (every two weeks now) and we were both a little non-plussed when we dumped that little chunker on the scale and saw that he had gained just about a pound in 2 weeks!! Not so great for a baby with a cardiac problem to be gaining weight so fast but we realized that the two weeks before he'd only gained about 4 ounces so over a month it evened out to be just right. Who weighs their baby every two weeks anyway?!

More to tell but I'm getting pressure to get a post out.
Coming up: more about his development, dinner with Amrit, our midwife, and an external frame back pack and funny looks at the dog park.
He should wear hats like this more often no?

Enjoying Shabatt Dinner (complete with Yamulka)