Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Photo update

Because we've been too busy to write...

 Some sword play

Some questioning

Simon meet Jack O Lantern

First look at his Sam-I-Am costume

I think the hat needs a little more stuffing

Haaaay, do you want some Green Eggs and Ham?

Does this costume make my butt look big

Trick or Treat!

 I make this look goooood

I know it's Simon's blog but c'mon, we look good too

Heading to Little Farm with G'Paw

That's quite a tongue you have!

Checking out goats with Mama

Is G'paw trying to steal some of my brain cells or transferring some to me?

Love me some Mama

Love me some Auntie Dre too!

Uncle Mike is teaching me about the speed bag
 and the heavy bag

 Me and my half sister Emily

Swingin' with Auntie V and my big 1/2 Bro Daniel

 He's a good guy

So's this guy but he's not as talkative

Can someone teach me how to use this thing?

Dude, we're golfing!

A family is a family is a bunch of mini golfers

...and last but not least, a quick view into the progress we are making when it comes to mini star pasta and apple juice!! 
 That's right, I do it myself!
 Check out the size of the bite!
 I prefer a dry Chablis but this will do.