Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday/School Update

On Saturday, Simon turned 3! We had a delightful party in our back yard, complete with our very own bounce house that we now own thanks to Mamaw. It was quite a hit and I think we'll be party central all summer. Laura and I have both noticed that we have some intense feelings that come up on Simon's birthdays. It is a reminder of how far we've come and a reminder that there were times we weren't sure we were going to celebrate more birthdays. I think it may always be bittersweet...

Excited about birthday singing and birthday candles

Having fun on the new bounce house

After looking at three different special day classes, we are 99% sure we found the right class for Simon. It happens to be at Montclair Elementary, one of the best schools in the Oakland School District! We are having all sorts of conflicted feelings about the institutional racism we have been privy to, after looking at 3 very different schools. More about that when we can slow down for a minute.

The short version is that it looks like Simon will be in a great class with kids pretty close to his level of development in a beautiful and safe school. He also will qualify for "Extended School Year" through the district so we won't have to scramble to find supplemental programs for him when school ends in June and he will instead get to continue his learning through the district over the summer.

He was supposed to start his new school this week, but he's been sick since Sunday afternoon, so we're hoping for tomorrow (Thursday). Unfortunately his new school will be on spring break next week, so he'll get 1-2 days and then no school for a week. Maybe it will be a nice, easy transition to do a few days and then have a break. It's what we got.

Simon continues to adore his hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding). Like, adore:

We have so much more to say but things have been really busy and intense. More to come when we can catch our breath...

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