Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome Time

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The last couple of days have been awesome. Ice skating and eating. Two things I love.  Well, three. I really love me some Simon Lev.

We started off our holiday time with a fun trip to the carousel in Tilden Park on Thursday evening. The weather outside was frightful (by California standards) but the Carousel inside was delightful.

Yeah, I'm riding a pig.

The best way to steer a pig is by his ears


I love Mamaw and I love THOMAS!!!

"Cockadoodle Doo!!" Really that's what he said

On Saturday we kicked the day off with an awesome morning with Anna, Hillary, and Wyatt at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

Simon: "this one's nubby" 
Anna: "this one's squishy"

Working the docks, hauling crab, it's good work if you can get it

Have I mentioned how much I like Spaghetti O's

And then on to the Special Kids Ice Skating Party at Yerba Buena.

Skating with Santa

Skating with Mommy

"one my own, on my own!"

Just like his Mommy at his age

Simon skated for a solid hour!!

Meetin' up with our PIP peeps

 We had a pretty good time


Left ventricle non-compaction/ Dilated Cardiomyopathy, bah humbug!  Simon Lev is a winter wonderland unto himself.