Sunday, August 24, 2008

Simon's First 1/4 Pounder

Simon hadn't pooped in two days so he got some Glycerin to get things moving.
Simon got moving all right.
Simon pooped a quarter pound! A quarter pound of poop.
The little man only weighs 11.8 pounds. he only weighs 11.4
Jaime did that diaper change.
She gets a medal.


Anna B. said...

gooooooooo output! good man, shimster. love you all from auntie anna banana

nola said...

So much love in your world, and yeh to the poopmeister. You are all in my prayers daily. So glad to hear the progress and love you all

Jen said...

Well fitch, he's clearly related to you.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a post days ago, but apparently I am technologically un-advanced. So, here we go again. I had recently read on Jen's Facebook page that your gorgeous Simon had been born in April and you recently learned of his illness. I've laughed and cried at all your posts. My neighbor's 2 year old has had a permanent IV since infancy and he doesn't even notice it. It doesn't slow him down a bit. And my son Eli has already produced 2 poopy diapers today in support of Simon's 1/4 pounder and other normal bodily functions!
Sending you love and peace,
Alison Harwood

Emily said...

Pooping lots always a good sign. Amazing how miraculous a poop can be when it comes from a beloved butt. I am working in the NICU down here now and thinking about Simon Lev all day long. The love that he has around him is so unique and special. love em

Polly said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! When i said shake your booty he really shook it. Go Simon. he and Cedar will have to continue our Kybo tradition.


Peggy Woon said...

Where's my Simon fix? I've been checking the blog for an update and miss reading about his poops and page turning!
Love to you all!