Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gifts Continue

Today our neighbor Jen came by and we ended up ditching her with Simon to go on a quick walk. When we came back she was SOUND asleep with him in her arms which was absurdly cute. Also absurdly cute was the fact that the mom of our next door neighbor in the ICU for the last 2 days left us a gift of 2 books for Simon and a card. Laura had forged a connection with them- checking in to say hi when she went by, offering the little girl Simone a softie to borrow to sleep with her first night when another kid was screaming bloody murder and generally being her cute self.

Then the nurses changed shift and Carol, our regular evening nurse, came bearing gifts. She had gone out and gotten Shimmy two onesies. One said "I might barf" and the other one says "I heart my moms". Plus she got this totally outrageous coloring book with racy, inappropriate pictures and comments. It was so totally fabulous and unexpected. She shopped for us and Simon on her day off!

Another cute thing- Dan who was our resident when we first came in, has now posted a comment on one of our posts. These docs and nurses are crazy sweet.

We're having a big family dinner in the cafeteria with Laura's sister Jen, her husband Frank and their daughter Maya (up visiting from L.A.) and Laura's cousins. Should be fun!

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