Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At least we know

So Simon's infection is systemic not just localized to his incision. They're still trying to identify the bacteria is his blood and will hopefully find the right antibiotic. The culture they took grew some yuck in ten hours which is unfortunately fast. It seems like he's responding to the broad spectrum antibiotics that they started yesterday. He's resting better and his heart rate is in the 160's today instead of the 200's. He's still warm but not anywhere near as feverish as yesterday afternoon.

We think that Simon was fighting something from even before his surgery on Saturday. Who knows where it came from. They said it could be some kind of urinary infection or from one of the many lines, line attempts, or PICC. He's compromised in general from his heart needing work so hard to just maintain. Any thing on top of that is just too much for him. Folks here are doing an amazing job on working to be on top of it quickly and comprehensively.

Jaime's here for the day and we're doing well ourselves in terms of maintaining. I think our love is the best thing around and that just means that along with his Milrinone, antibiotics, and numerous medications, Simon is getting the best thing around. Not to mention the sweet sweet lovin' that's coming his way from all of you.

I think often of the army of supporters that are standing behind, and beside us as we're going down this road. It's like on a ropes course when you have folks spotting you as you're taking the big climbs, leaps and falls. The hands are there not touching you but just a few inches away should you need them.

Ginormous gratitude.

P.S. The "Team Shimmy" buttons are in. Bruce is bringing them to the hospital today. Get em' while they're hot.

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