Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So...no Milrinone today, no Heparin today, moved back into the Annex and no PICC LINE!!! It closed off and they decided to just take it out and see how he does (after a 5 hour power struggle with our nurse and the resident, not to mention Laura holding Simon through a partial removal that was aborted midway. Simon did not appreciate it).

If he does need another IV, not sure if it will be a PICC or a regular IV. We think PICC because Milrinone needs to be given into a central or close to central vein. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that.

Those of you have visited in the last few days will be very happy to know that Simon got his stinky, smells-like-frat-house head washed.

See exhibit A (favorite nurse Carol after she washed his little head and wrapped it like a diva).
Then we put him to sleep without having to swaddle him or tie his little hands down because the only bad thing he could grab is his NG tube and that's not a huge deal.

Before PICC removed- see crazy ports and smelly, smelly tape

After PICC- smelling good, silly bald spot, peaceful baby, happy Mommies
Our nurse gave me the ports (they separate) so I can make pasties out of them someday. I think I have a naughty nurse costume in the works. How wrong is that?
Laura's parents leave tomorrow which feels pretty crazy. They've been our right hands through this whole thing. Laura now will be at the hospital most mornings from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm by herself. That might be a good time for visitors if people have mornings free.
P.S. Simon learned how to turn pages while in the ICU. Seriously- look at the video.


Frank said...

Remind me to thank Laura for marrying you.
Oh never mind, I'll do it myself. NICE JOB fitch. I reiterate my wedding toast.
Will be glad to see you all in person.

Polly said...

We all know bald folks are brilliant! What a cutie. Wow laura, i think Jaime's humor might rival mine. AWESOME!

Carolyn said...

pasties make me grin almost as much Simon's progress. oh, and dirty jokes are pretty great too.

congratulations, my friends. this is really wonderful news!

love, Carolyn