Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pro Bro(viac)

The line is in. After a roller coaster of a day Simon's line is in and he will no longer have to get poked every day for labs and blood work. It's a little intense to see a line that's bigger than his NG tube coming out of his chest but there it is. Yay!! No more poking, no more looking for veins 3,4, 5 times and not getting one!!
It was a tough day indeed with Simon getting his last feeding at 6am, thinking that his surgery would be around 10am and then having it get pushed back to 12 and then pushed back again to 2. I was joking that he must be getting weak with hunger but with the fever that developed and his high level of irritability mixed with exhausted waking and sleeping that's exactly what he was. It seemed even harder given that I was right there with two days of fabulous nursing sessions just behind us. I remembered that Dr Casey (one of his ICU cardiologists) had mentioned that one of the benefits of the Broviac was that if they needed to, they could administer lipids (straight fat) right to his blood stream. Thinking that Simon went 8 hours without eating as well as having a fever and fussing for the entire time, this might be a good thing to get started with once the Broviac line was in. I mentioned it to Dr Hanson who agreed that it was a great way to catch him up on the calories that he'd missed (plus some). The tube of lipids just arrived and really, it looks just like Lard. I can't believe that they're going to pump that right into his blood. Jaime keeps saying that we could walk out of here with a chunky baby. I can't even imagine what that would look like.
Jaime's so tired right now she can't even dictate a blog entry to me.

Hey one more thing. To all you fabulous readers out there, when you're leaving comments on the blog, please let us know who you are. We've had some very sweet comments left by Anonymous and we're just wondering who you are.
So much gratitude.



Karen said...

hey dynamic trio... Sorry my last comment was sent without a name - just hard to navigate the blogosphere on the iPhone. It was I who left the note about Simon's beaming baby blues- I can only imagine how surreal it all is when he is just so present- it belies what is going on on the inside. and what a presence. I don't recall meeting a person that small who exuded such a force. Anyways we love you all and thank you for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Popping in for my evening check up on the little man and his mommies. Hugs to you all. Your in my thoughts all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just got back from the 'tragic kingdom' (aka Walt Disney World) and the first thing I did was check in on Simon. I left a message for Fitch and Bernie but you know how cell phones work in VT (not). Anyway, glad the 'little man' handled his surgery. Simon is certainly a fighter and so are you two!

Sending love and prayers from Boca.

Carol, Pat, Katie
(Z and Cecelia, too!)