Monday, August 18, 2008

Shuffle, Shuffle

So...just as we were getting cozy, they decided the census in the Annex was so low that they needed to move the 2 of us left (out of 6 beds) back into the main ICU where they had empty spots. ARGH!

Simon seems fine over there but it bites for the adults who have to cram and move all the crap we brought to the hospital (taking 1/2 of it home tonight) and deal with the noise and crazy energy. Hopefully it will only be for a day or 2.

Had a bit of drama today, mostly caused by me (Jaime). Laura has had pain in her calf on and off since her pregnancy and it' s back. It was a bit swollen behind her knee and hurt so badly she was limping so I forced her to go to the doctor to rule out a blood clot (my boss had one that caused a pulmonary embolism and put her in the hospital). She's fine and it's probably just a pulled muscle but I was not about to have her drop from an embolism in the middle of all this. I told her it's the price she pays for being married to a slight hypochondriac. It spills over sometimes.

Also, unfortunately, between when she called the doctor and we got to the doctors office, Laura lost her wallet. We're in the cafeteria calling all our dang credit card companies and bank.

Today's theme has been chaos.


LFS, liz said...

What a story and i do not mean the butthole from a few days ago. i am so glad i got your call the other day. i am keeping track for you to ensure no overages (at least until you are home and more settled) and gave credit on your cell bill (seems likes pennies compared to all you will have with this). Felt odd leaving message but did not want to call and bother either. If i can be of any other help it is the Elizabeth on your acct (i go by Liz). Best wishes and be gentle with yourselves.

Polly said...

Try practicing curseing folks out in your head while keeping a smile on your face. It works with my relatives. In my head I am going, "Shut-up shut-up shut the f-up." But outwardly I am saying with a big smile on my face," Your probably right, or I agree, or just nodding my head." And then the thoughts in my head make me laugh so i look like I am enjoying the conversation.


Fresh Ground Knits said...

oh honey, what a pain in the patooty!

been thinking about you all lots and sending you lots of love from NC.