Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Terror and Delight

It's been quite a day here. The biggest news is that this morning around 10am Simon was taken off his Milrinone. He will be closely observed for about 48 hours but if his numbers stay stable and we don't really see a change in his fussiness, sleep, or regular personality, we are that much closer to going home. I have to say that when I heard that a part of me wanted to jump for absolute joy and another part of me wanted to yell at the doctors that they must be crazy and have their heads up their asses.

We're learning how to administer his oral medications (he'll have 4-5) and he may be sent home with an NG tube (feeding tube through his nose). I can't believe that they may discharge him at some point next week. It feels sort of surreal. We still don't really know what the limitations will be in terms of if/where we can take him outside of the house but it's incredible to think that we could have a little bit more normal.

He totally smells like a frat boy right now b/c they don't want to change the dressing on his PICC line because it makes it move and he's a sweaty cardiac baby so he's a little funky. Guess it's just a warm up for Junior High. I can't wait to take a shower with him again and wash all this hospital off...

Another funny note-
Last week Laura called Verizon to see what we could set up for the next month because we were over on our minutes with all this happening. She ended up talking to the rep for like 20 minutes and the woman wanted to know all about Simon and what was happening. We gave her the blog address and yesterday she left a comment. Even the Verizon lady is thinking about him!

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Susan Bushey Manning said...

Hi there. A fellow MHC alum here )96). Saw your online classnotes and read this this week as my wife and i are about to be inseminated...and came across your tough weeks...just wanted to let you know he is in our thoughts, as are the two of you. You both sound like amazingly strong women. Good luck and know our thoughts are with you.