Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

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We've been having so much fun with the Great Uncles and Great Aunts and I got to spend a good chunk of alone time with Mr. Shimmy. My Aunt and Uncle (Dad's brother) came to visit yesterday and Laura's Uncle and his partner are visiting from NYC.

I'm *really* exhausted these days but so glad for the weekends and bits of morning and evening with Simon and Laura. They're going up on his Coreg tonight and will start the Milrinone wean tomorrow. We could have the wean done in a week and a week of observation and then....? I won't even say it so I won't jinx it. But it's good :-)

Sometimes we posed for the camera with our lovely visitors

Shimmy with Great Uncles Barry and Larry

Sometimes we got into a little bit of a mess:

Sometimes we did a little cross dressing:

The Trader Joes fairy visited again today, god bless her. She brought a signed poster from my dance troupe. It's crazy cute. We're going to need our own museum to hold all the memorabilia from this time. I'm almost starting to think of all of this in the past tense, like "remember when all hell broke loose and everything fell apart and it was the most beautiful, horrible thing we could have ever imagined? Ha ha, doesn't that all seem like a dream?". I can't wait to get to the day when this all seems like a really strange, distant dream that happened to someone else...

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