Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blarry Visits

Blarry (Uncles Barry and Larry) came in from NYC last night and had a lovely day with Mr Shimmy. Jaime's Aunt Molly and Uncle John dropped by as well so it was a great Aunt and Uncle visiting day all around. Simon was in rare form today only sleeping 30 minutes at a time....I think it's his 6 month growth spurt and we'll see a few days of irregularity and then we'll be back to normal, as normal as one can expect from a member of this family.

Last night Simon weighed in at exactly 14 pounds. That's a weight gain of 2 ounces in two days. Rock On!

Jaime's already talking about how she'll need to be cooking in two seperate modes once the little man comes home. Low fat for the mommies, high fat for PeeWee.

Here are some photos from today.

Gosh I love the weekends.
Simon Meeting Uncle Barry for the first time.

Out for a walk with UJ and Aunt Molly

Pretty Princess Flower

Don't you think it makes my eyes pop?

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Anonymous said...

Man is he gorgeous or what? 14 pounds is pretty great! That's not teeny, he's growing for sure! Go Simon. What's he going to be for Halloween?
Alison Harwood