Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Months Strong

Simon hit his 6 month birthday today. He's going strong. He didn't fast for Yom Kippur but maybe another year. We had a lovely celebration with Jasmine our neighbor in the PICU and treats that Mamaw D brought in (cupcakes, hats, noisemakers, etc) Simon's sleeping soundly right now (too many cupcakes).
My Uncles Barry and Larry are coming tomorrow and I can't wait for them to meet Mr Shimmy. No BNP # yet but maybe tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath (except secretly hoping that it's down).
We've gone up on the Coreg and word is that we'll try a Milrinone wean starting Sunday.
Love to all.
Here are some Pics
Mr Simon Lev and Mama

Jaime, Simon, and Jasmine celebrating their 6 month birthdays (Jasmine's birthday is April 8th- One day before Simon's)

Half Birthday Boy

Celebrate good times C'mon!!


karen said...

happy happy!!! 1/2 birthdays will be all the rage, I predict ! Once again, Shimmy's a trailblazer. Big love from your future babysitter... Zubie (and k&f)

AJC said...

aries! aries! aries!
Aunt Alicia