Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chill Sunday

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Today was a pretty mellow day. Laura slept in and I came to the hospital at 7:30 and had a really nice morning with Mr. Shimmy. He was very chipper and then had a great nap. Laura came in at about 9:30 am and then our friends Anne and Eric came by to sit with Simon while we had a reconvening of our Clearness Committee at our house that afternoon. Clearness Committees are a Quaker tradition where for a year before getting married, a couple meets with a group of people from their congregation to help the couple gain clarity about what they are committing to. Laura spent every summer from age 9 until 31 at a Quaker summer camp and maintains some of those traditions. Ours consisted a group of 4 close friends who met with us monthly for the year before our wedding to help us get clarity about the basics before we married. It was very helpful and one member decided that now would be a good time to reconvene and do a check in. It was great- nothing earthshattering came out but it was a good opportunity to get some support and get some perspective on where we've come from and how we're doing. I'd say we're doing pretty darn good, despite all this really hard stuff. I think they'd agree :-)

Simon puked a little today but not terribly although the nurses reported that he threw up a lot last night. We're taking him down from 27 calories with the addition of the MCT oil to 26 to see if that helps. His stats were good all day but tonight his heart rate looks just a smidge higher (high 120s and 130s while awake) and I'm trying not to be worried. We've also been trying to accurately track his weight but it's been hard b/c he's such a wiggler.

Laura and I have decided to get legally married before the November ballot initiative and will be doing a tiny little quick ceremony at the hospital on October 19th. We thought about having all sorts of folks come and realized it would be a security nightmare for the hospital so it will just be immediate family. My grandfather and his new sweetie, and Laura's dad will be in town that weekend and our new hospital friends won't be working that day, so we picked the 19th. We also figured we had the best big fabulous wedding we could imagine almost 3 years ago, so we'll just do it really simple this time. I'm guessing 10 minutes, tops :-) I am, of course, going to wear my dress again, because...I can. Carol, Simon's PM nurse bought him an ADORABLE tuxedo onesie for him to wear. Laura is not sure what she'll wear but I keep telling her to go for a tuxedo t-shirt.

I'm really tired this weekend. I've been giving all out in all realms and I feel it. This really is a marathon...

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tuxedo t shirt- YES!!!