Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All Night Long

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So we called early this morning to check on Mr Shimmy before heading over to the hospital and talked to his night shift nurse. Seems like Simon had a night with no emesis at all. Not a spit up, not a puke, no ralphing, not a barf, no blowing chunks, nothing!!! He slept the whole night through from 7:30 pm until about 5:30am. That's my little man!!
By the time we got in he had thrown up a little bit but I ain't bovered.
He's been happy and active this morning with the most gentle "going down" for his first nap I've ever seen.
He's upstairs right now with his Mamaw most likely asleep again for nap A Deux. Can I say once again how amazing it is to have the support of Mamaw D. She comes to the hospital Monday Wednesday and Friday and is just an incredible constant for both Simon and me.
We haven't gotten the official report yet but word on the street is that Simon's Echo Cardiogram yesterday looked "a little better."
We still haven't learned exactly what that means yet but I'll take it. We're going up on the Coreg tonight and not really changing anything else at this point. I suspect that we won't start any kind of Milrinone wean for a few more days but again...I'm ok with taking it as slowly as we need to.
I will say that in the last two days, more than one doctor has mentioned wanting to get us home before Flu season really hits. I suspect that if all goes well with the upping the coreg and the milrinone wean, Shimmy may be home for Thanksgiving and maybe even my November 6th Anniversary.
If not we're already imagining the Thanksgiving in the cafeteria with a mile long table and a potluck to end all potlucks :-)
I know it's far away but it feels amazing to be having far away thoughts versus the three week ago thought processes.
We'll have been here 10 weeks on Friday. We're hitting another kind of stride and I'm feeling both exhausted and rested. It's weird. I'm getting out more for hikes with Roxie, my back is feeling better, Shimmy is feeling better AND it's been 10 weeks of 15 (or more) hour days in the ICU with out a day off.
One day, one moment, nap to nap.
Love to all.

More photos coming soon. Sorry I've been slacking.

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