Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! I think there will actually be many more big days to come (Simon coming home from the hospital, Simon getting off his feeding pump, etc) but getting legally married is pretty big :-) For those of you who want to come, it will be at 4 pm in the Courtyard- check in at security to get a Floor 1-2 pass, go to the 2nd floor and follow signs to the Courtyard. And please, don't touch the bears. I mean, Simon.
We'll post some pretty, pretty pictures after the ceremony. In the meantime, enjoy these cute pics of Simon with is cousin Maya, Mama and Mommy.
I got one word for you. Trouble.

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Sunita said...

Good luck! Don't get cold feet. Hah! Love that you can get legally married here too (legal in Canada) and fingers crossed that Prop 8 goes down on November 4th. So excited for tomorrow and all the big days that are coming in your new families' life.
warmly, sunita
p.s. enjoy the chocolate that is on its way via Dianne, sorry no card/note, this week is hectic with the Divine Feminine tasting...

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Love from China! I'm here on vacation, but also to meet up with my son and his new wife who just got married 3 weeks ago! I'm am so thrilled to be able to follow Shimmy's milestones from the other side of the world! Congratulations Laura and Jaime, for your BIG DAY; and congratulations to us all for being able to share this journey with you. Love, Peggy

Kristine said...

Big day!!!! Much love--Kris

Maia said...

As much as I loved being a part of your first wedding, I would give anything to be there for this one. I love you tons and tons and am grateful that you now have the bestest gift ever--this new stage Simon is in--to celebrate with. xo M