Sunday, October 19, 2008


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Well, we did it! Laura and I got legally married today in front of about 30 new and old friends and family in a very sweet and very short (!) ceremony. We had cookies and juice with folks and then went back to our room for a bit. Then my (Jaime's) Dad, Stepmom, cousin, grandfather and his sweetheart came and we ate dinner in the cafeteria. It was a very sweet and exhausting day over all.
We will have more pics soon from lots of folks who were snapping away but here are some from our camera.
Also, here are the words to the song Cody wrote for Simon!
In His Eyes

speechless words with colorful expressions
countless verbs given every which direction
can you feel its so infectious
can you feel it now

a little boy with with love ahead to live for
so much joy with a mom and mom to care for
every bump and every bruise
there's so much he could hold on to

so he opens his eyes, to realize
hes not alone in this fight, we all stand together
hand in hand side by side
with just a single tear, and some happiness, in his eyes

can't defer, hitting those same old potholes
on a long dark road but its the only way to get home
when you're there, there'll be room to grow
building castles on the beach and wings in the snow
moving forward each and every day
with all this hope we'll never let escape
baby steps is a small price to pay
for a long life to lead that wont ever fade away

so he opens his eyes, to realize
hes not alone in this fight, we all stand together
hand in hand side by side
with just a single tear, and some happiness, in his eyes

Here are a few pics:

Lookin' Gooood

Us with our neighbor Jasmine, who couldn't come to the ceremony :-(
Simon with Reverend Doctor Auntie Clay and Auntie Joan

Simon's bed, decorated by our nurses while we were gone

Our TV, decorated


sanj4 said...

Yay! Congratulations - such a good day for moms and Simon both. Cody is a rockstar.

Mia said...

Just wanted to send my congratulations on your marriage. I've been following your blog daily and you are truly an inspiration - how you've found so much joy in such a difficult situation. You remind me everyday to be thankful for what I have - when I'm feeling so sleep deprived and worn out from taking care of my little Z all day, I remember what a blessing he is and how lucky I am to have him in my life. We both send you the healthiest, happiest, go-home-sooniest thoughts and I fully expect to see Laura and Simon back in baby yoga again one of these days soon.
All the best,
Mia and Zeke

Elizabeth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We were thinking of you. What a handsome family.
love from Elizabeth, Angie, Leo and Charlie

brook and drew said...

Y'all are one good lookin' family! Can't wait to see more pics from the ceremony. I think about you all every day and talk with Micah about his little buddy Simon who we are so so glad is on the recovery road and we hope we can come see you again soon! Sending lots of baby love your way!
PS - Old Geezer Shimmy is fatter than his Little Old Man buddy Micah, who just cleared 14 lbs!

Elisa said...

Mazel Tov!!! We are so disappointed that we had to miss this blessed event.

Best wishes,
Elisa and Isaac

Sunita said...

wow. happiness and love. so beautiful. all of you. thank you for sharing. love.

Margaret said...

I was thinking of you all at 4 pm yesterday, sending warm wishes and love for your family and your wedding!