Thursday, October 23, 2008

Better and Better

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So we started out the day a little rough with a little higher BNP (nothing to worry about but hopefully not a trend), Simon getting a shot, needing a new NG tube (clog, clog, clog), interrupted naps, and some extra pukeage but then we ended the day with an awesome nap, a really low heart rate, a great deal of smiling, and a sweet sweet bedtime ritual with nary a disgruntled peep before heading off to slumber.
So yeah, Shimmy's bnp was back up to 1121 but the team said that it's not really something to worry about and could even have been expected given all the ways that we've been stressing his little bod this past week. I can't say that I wasn't hoping for an even lower number than last week but also thought that it might in fact be up a little given the wean from Milrinone. I was glad to hear just about every doctor say that 300 points was not something to worry about and that we'd keep an eye on it but continue with the wean anyway since he was looking/acting so good. That, and during his later afternoon nap his heart rate was in the 80's when the little man was in deep/sacked out sleep. So we're down to .3 on the milrinone and contracting his feeds down to three hours with an hour off. We're on our way. We are definitely on our way. I want to stay on this road. It leads us home.
PopPop is on his way home. Already missing him.
And... Jaime and I are actually looking forward to a mellow weekend with things looking up all over the place.
Love to all

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