Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding photos

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Aaargh. A post got deleted.
Try this link for wedding photos from our friend/nurse Sara

Simon's at .4 on the milrinone (maybe to .3 today) and we're working on his feeds slowly to try and expand his tummy and maybe even get the little man hungry one of these days.
We're moving at a snails pace and I go back and forth between very ok with it and just wanting to get home.
Today is PopPop's last day :-( So amazing having him here. He will be missed by all especially Shimmy who has been more smiley and laughy than we've ever seen him. He's growing for sure but I think PopPop plays a big part in the little man's new found joy.

Love to all.

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abby said...

wah! i should have faked sick and come out for wedding take II! the pics are just as beautiful as the first, but with a whole deeper level of love and understanding in the way you two look at each other. xoxo.