Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going Down

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We're at .6 on the Milrinone today folks. Tomorrow .5 where we'll sit for a while and just make sure that Shimmy's doing ok. I really hope that he can handle the wean. For most of today he seemed to be doing beautifully. Tonight as he was going to sleep his heart rate seemed a little higher than usual but he was also almost asleep when he was stimulated out of his sleepiness. I don't know. It's too easy to get really worried as things have been going so smoothly. It seems like it's been weeks without any drama.

Simon was doing beautifully today though. He was so happy when awake and went to sleep so easily for his naps. His breathing is so much more relaxed and his output is right in line with his input. Today he got to have some wonderful Grandma time with Mamaw D and Grandma Nola. Very sweet.

Our nurse David did Simon's hair tonight. Instead of the comb forward he got radical and went for the comb back. New look for Shimmy? You decide.

Send Simon strong healing thoughts please as we move forward with trying to get home.

Love to all.


Elisa said...

Simon you are in our toughts and prayers...we will say a special Mi Sheberakh for you.

Isaac joined Simon in the 6th month club yesterday. How quickly our boys are growing up.

Elisa and Isaac

Fred said...

Monday Zuzu had to come to work with me because school was closed. She spent her first hour drawing and making cards for her sister Sadie and for SIMON! It was really cute, because when she showed them to me she said "Look! I put a lot of extra hearts on it, because Simon needs the hearts right now." And indeed, it was FILLED hearts :) We love you Simon, and we think and hope for you everyday...every one of us!