Monday, October 13, 2008

And we're off...

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Shimmy began his wean from Milrinone today. we've gone from the .8 that we've been at for weeks down to .7 and tomorrow .6
Last night we also moved up on his Coreg and from IV lasix to Oral. We're closer to going home. Who knows how close but closer than we were before.

It's seemed to be going super duper today with the little man having some great time with Blarry before they headed home tonight.

He napped well, had a nice poop, and aside from being a fuss bucket while getting an Osteopathy treatment, had another stellar day.

I actually had my first real sob session that was rooted in joy and not fear or sorrow. I was in the rocking chair with Simon for his 2nd nap and just watched him fall asleep so peacefully and was overcome with this feeling of 'we're making it through this, we're really making it through this'. It was like slipping into a warm bath after coming in from the cold. That simple feeling of comfort that's a full body experience. It was a moment and I was glad for it.

How cute is he??

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