Friday, October 17, 2008

PopPop and the weekend are here!

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Gosh I love weekends. This weekend a little more so since my Dad's visit started this afternoon. Shimmy was so glad to see his PopPop and was giving smiles all over the place. That and being a little fussy going to sleep but whatever...
Simon put on 3+ ounces since his last weight and that's awesome. He's still upchucking some but I'm ok with it, except for when it's first thing in the morning and I've forgotten to put the towel over my shoulder before picking him up. That's makes for a great smelling Laura for the rest of the day.
As much as I am so grateful for Simon's movement right now I do have to say that there is some crazy in the air these days. Things have been a little intense at CHO right now with neighbors and our friends on staff here. My heart is going out to lots of folks right now. I feel like I have empathy coming out of my ears with setbacks for folks close to us in the Annex and just a whole lot of love for Esther, our dear friend at the security desk who had a loved one recently diagnosed with cancer. There have been a number of babies in the ICU recently coming from abusive family situations and more than a few older patients that seem ok when they come in but get disturbing news once they're here.
It's tough, when our curtain is drawn it feels a lot like we have our own little pleasant space with a nice window view of the Oakland hills. Then there's the reality that a curtain is in no way a sound barrier and no matter what I do to try and not listen to what's going on, I can't help but hear certain things and of course sounds of distress and/or pain.
I try and talk with Shimmy about it, letting him know that he's doing ok and it's also ok to send other people love and light when they're not feeling so good. That and we like to bring in Arizmendi bakery treats for our friends that are on regular diets. Love, Light, and Sweet Sallys.
Thanks and Love to all in this exciting time


Eleanor Chrom said...

Bernie isn't the only one to cry... what bliss!!

Eleanor Chrom said...

just got today's blog - tell Bernie to give Shimmy an extra hug and kiss from us.