Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heart Party

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Today we went to a party. Childrens Hospital Oakland had a cardiac reunion party for kids that have had a cardiac related stay here. It was incredible. There were over a hundred families of all ages enjoying a bbq, clowns, live music, and bouncehouse just out in the courtyard where Shimmy and I normally take our walk. We were invited to come down and check it out a couple of days ago and Simon woke up from his second nap just in time for the festivities. It was incredible to see all these kid running around and know that each one of them went through either heart surgery, or aggressive medication treatments like Shimmy. We met families that spent 2 weeks in the PICU and families that spent 6 months here. It was amazing. I don't even think I can say more about it other than I feel even less alone and even more hopeful. The light shining from all those kids was just brilliant. It was even more exciting to think about coming to next year's reunion only we'll come from home instead of "upstairs". Yeah.

When we got back upstairs it was nap time again from all the excitement (and more puking). When we awoke it was photo shoot time with Simon's personal bard, Cody. Simon is clearly smitten.

Tomorrow is another day and we're upping the Little Man's calories once again. I'm hoping that he'll tolerate it and settle some with the up-chucks. Two of the recognized side effects from his new drug Coreg are nausea and lethargy. Lethargy would actually be a good thing for him right now. Nausea not so much. Everything else is relatively stable. The little man is off to Nod Land right now and Jaime and I are heading home. We're hoping for good night sleeps all around.
Here's a pic from Simon and Jaime's early morning nap. Too Cute.

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Polly said...

He is looking good~ Wish I could meet him but the combo of me working in a school and flying cross country in a germ factory doesn't seem smart. I am holding you holding Shimmy in my heart! A big hello from Gina, Kim LeClair and Kita. We just witnessed Kim getting married yesterday and you were in our thoughts.