Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another good day

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Good day for us, hard day for a few of our new friends here. I just ran into the Mom (Coco) with the baby with no butthole. I saw her crossing the street outside our window, with her baby in a sling a few days ago and thought, "Oh, how great that they're out of the hospital and back for a check up". Turns out that she had been coming from the Family House across the street to the ER because her son had stopped breathing. He also may need a heart transplant due to a huge hole and maybe kidneys. Oy. She was in great spirits though, and very sweet- she introduced me to her new friend there and talked about Laura and I putting food out for everyone in the lounge.

Another new friend whom we met last week had some drama. Last week we were in the cafeteria in the evening and sitting next to a couple that was obviously Muslim and their toddler. We started flirting with their little boy, playing games with a Coke can, etc. Then we began a fascinating conversation with his parents. We talked about Simon and they said their 5 month old son was here due to trouble with his esophagus and possibly a few other minor seeming issues. We then started talking and I started to get a bit nervous. We were obviously a queer couple and they were obviously very observant Muslims (the wife didn't speak any English) and I was afraid that the husband would start to condem us, etc. Instead we had a most amazing conversation, talking about philosophy and religion, and the beauty of the universe/God. We've seen them a few more times and I gave Dad some food one night.

Last night a Code Blue (cardiac arrest) was paged for the 4th floor and I overheard the nurses talking later about how it was a 5 month old. We both were a bit nervous that we'd know who it was but couldn't remember any other 5 month olds that had been in the ICU. Unfortunately, this morning when I came in early, I saw Dad at the front desk on the phone and immediately knew it was his baby.

It makes me want to not talk to anyone here sometimes. I've said to Laura a few times, "it could be worse for us. Okay, not worse, but different worse". I tell you those stories only so you can send them prayers and good thoughts too when you're thinking of us. Coco's new friend has been here for at least 7 weeks with her son and when I mentioned that we were on visitor 103, she said, "wow, we just live in Santa Rosa (an hour away) and we haven't had a single visitor". I didn't even know what to say...we have such incredible bounty and I am so grateful. I'm trying to share the love.

We're going to start Coreg tonight! Very excited and a little nervous.

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