Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Good Day For Shimmy

Shimmy had another good night last night and a good day today. He was super alert and chipper and hardly slept, but seemed in good spirits so we aren't too worried. He slept like a log yesterday, so maybe he's just balancing things out.

He's starting on some formula mixed with breastmilk tonight. We have our fingers crossed that it doesn't make him puke because he hardly threw up today. He may start on his new drug, Coreg, tomorrow. They're playing around with levels on some of his other meds (Milrinone and Enalopril) so we'll see how this all goes and if it will really happen tomorrow.

Today was a good day for Shimmy but I feel wiped out and crabby, probably because he didn't sleep so we didn't really get any down time. I had a good week at work last week but I'm definitely tired. It's been nice, honestly, to have time in the real world to balance the craziness. I think shifting gears is hard sometimes, but I'm glad to be working. I think it's harder for Laura sometimes because she doesn't have any enforced breaks from the hospital. I know it's hard for me to get out, even just on the weekend. We've been talking about how to make it easier for her to get out and feel good about it...
Laura's college friends Maia and Hannah came by today which was sweet. That would be #102 & 103. Amazing.

Simon with Mommy's Hallelujah tattoo

Loving his Auntie Joan, Auntie Dre, but more so Auntie Joan's Hat.

Rockin' it

Shimmy with Dre giving a shout out to all his 'peeps'

Simon caught on camera with his newest lady-love Auntie Maia from Boston.

FYI 1) With Cold & Flu season coming please think about your exposure as well as whether or not you have symptoms. Both are just as important. I.E. if you have contact with lots of folks (many kids, large groups of people, etc) you may not have symptoms but may in fact be transmitting.

2) For those of you that have brought us food in your own personal containers/dishes, they are in a box outside of our door at 702 and 1/2 Rand. Let us know if you're coming by the hospital and want us to bring them in that day. Oh yeah, THANK YOU. Full bellies, full hearts.

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