Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trader Joe's Elves?

The Trader Joe's elves came tonight! We just got home and someone clearly stocked our refrigerator and freezer. Who was it? Fess up! We want to thank you properly!

Had a mellow day today- all about grandparents. Had all my parents visit today and Laura's mom came in around 5 and I (Jaime) got to clean the house a bit before starting work again. Feels much better.

A few photos from today:

Us on a walk

Grandma Nola holding the little man

Trying to eat a toy from Liz. Mmmmm dinosaur eggs.Reading the sweet letter from his Great Uncle Barry

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Anonymous said...

Not me! But how thoughtful!

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a couple of things. First, we're still rooting for Simon. He's such a strong little guy and we're thinking lots of positive things about him.

Second, my boys are making something special for Simon. They want to make sure that he can see it. So, are there restrictions on things I can bring to the hospital. I mean, aside from the obvious "leave WMD's at home"? Like, are books and plastic pages allowed?

Beth Heckinger (from Other Mothers)

Eric said...

If you're still looking for company on 9/22, sign me up! Let me know what time of day is most helpful.