Sunday, September 14, 2008

More pics from another solid day

Having a pretty mellow Sunday morning. Simon was very clever and got his NG tube out this morning so we had to put it back in. It was time for a new one anyway, so while it wasn't fun for him to have it replaced, it was going to have to happen soon. Laura's Mom comes in today for a week which is great timing as I'm going back to work tomorrow and my Mom's schedule is picking up now that her academic year is starting (she's a professor). These next few months are going to be very interesting trying to balance everything.

(Anyone available Monday Sept 22nd to spend some time with Laura/Simon? My Mom will have to work all day and I'd love to get a little coverage).

I'm freaking out about our house looking a bit like a disaster zone. It's just a matter of putting things back in their place- our dining room table is full of folded clean laundry (thanks for doing the laundry, Mom!), there are about 15 glass bottles from Simon's milk in the kitchen, etc. Spending a hour or two at home will probably help me feel a little more settled before I jump back in the work river. It's so intense to shift gears back and forth. I've been really grumpy the last day- once I'm doing both (work and hospital) it's fine, but it's the gearing up that is really stressful.

Off to snuggle the baby to sleep so Laura can pump...

A little rice cereal
Adorable pair, no?
You talking to me?
I LOVE grabbing Mama's nose!
A little sweet snuggle time

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