Friday, September 12, 2008

Shimmy Rockin' Out

It's been another sunny day here at CHO both outside, where we got to be for about 30 minutes, as well as inside where Simon has been a chipper little monkey all day. He's in fine spirits even after having an active night with some emesis (that's medical talk for barfing) and just general fussiness. We think some of it had to do with the three hour nap he took right before his bedtime. Somewhere we got off our schedule and Simon thought it was party time once the sun went down. We're trying to teach him that partying can happen anytime (see video below).

We're gearing up for another weekend and then Jaime going back to work. Simon's pretty bonded to his Mama now so it's going to be sad to have them be separated for so many hours during the day after the bliss of the last week. I'm going to miss Jaime something wicked as well.

Really....? No winning lottery ticket from anyone? Where's the love?

I know it's hard to recognize sarcasm over the internet so let me just reiterate that Jaime, Simon, and I are very much in touch with where the love is. It's pouring in all the time in so many ways. Here are some examples...

Jubilee, one of our Fellows, came by to say goodbye as she's finally getting a day off (after 12 on). She just wanted us to know that the only thing she was sad about in terms of taking a day off was "not getting to see Simon for a whole day." The woman just worked 12 days straight and is finally getting 24 hours off and she makes a point to come by and tell us that she's going to miss seeing Simon!!

Theresa, our Stethoscope benefactor, came by again just to check on how Simon was doing.

Nurses that we've never had or even met are wearing the Team Shimmy buttons and saying hi to us in the hall. Even the parking attendant that we see every night has a button (given to her by Bruce) and asks about Simon.

Our beloved Rebbe Jhos came by and said a little (actually a large) prayer for Simon and it set something in motion for the rest of Shimmy's life and my life as his Mom.

I believe that this time of so much love, prayer, food, touch, and generosity coming to Shimmy is also speaking to what he gets to give back as he grows up. There is this amazing pool that is being filled with all of that goodness coming his way. I get it now that it's our job to make sure that as he grows he gets to "pay it forward" and spend the rest of his life sharing that love, touch, food, and amazing sweetness with anyone and everyone that he comes in contact with. I'm so looking forward to sharing that mission with Shimmy as he grows. The amazing thing is that he'll have all of your comments, cards, little notes, images, etc, etc, to know how full that pool is and how much he gets to give back throughout his life. What a privilege.

Boundless love and gratitude to you all.

P.S. Who else besides Alicia's sister in Bremin, Germany is looking from Europe? Inquiring minds want to know!

And now a funny moment from Jaime:
Our nurse said there was something leaking under the chair Laura was sitting in with Simon. She didn't seem concerned with finding out what it was but I sure wanted to know because there wasn't anything around to leak! After following the puddle on the floor of clear whitish fluid to the front of the chair, I realized that Simon's NG tube had come unplugged and he had leaked about an ounce of milk on the floor...directly from his stomach out of the tube. Yup, it was Simon that was leaking! Kinda funny, kinda gross.

A few photos from the last few days:

Us with Thomas, quite possibly the sweetest man alive (and the custodian of our unit). Today when Thomas locked eyes with Shimmy, he exclaimed "He's looking right into my soul. He's my soul brother!" We all had a good chuckle :-)

Simon flirting with Bubbi Vera

Grandpa Bruce teaching Shimmy how to blow up his head.

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Sara said...

I've been checking daily since that evening I ran into you, Laura, in Elmwood, and I am so happy to see that you've all had such a great week. I think of your little Simon all the time. He's just lovely.

Jennifer in MN said...

Laura, Jamie and Simon,
Just caught up on your posts and loved watching Simon party it up with his mamas! I've been keeping you all in my most earnest of prayers for comfort, peace, rest in body and heart, support and presence to each other. Your love for one another and fierce fight for Simon brings me to tears at times. I'm honored to be on this rollercoaster with you, from afar, but through your eloquent posts. Know that all of us near and far feel blessed to be included in your journey. Simon has enormous influence on our hearts!!!
Much love from Minnesota, Jennifer and Michael (Alicia's friend)

Jill Posener said...

Hey Laura & Jaime
Sonya forwarded me the link to the blog - so I spent some quiet reflective time reading your posts about your beautiful boy.
If there's anything I can do, please ask. I know you have an amazing support system already, but one can never have enough help - contact me if you can think of something that would help. Walking Roxy maybe? And you know, I'd be honored to take some photos of your family if you'd like.