Monday, September 8, 2008

And so begins another horrible, beautiful day

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I just keep calling him a Supernova.

Here are photos of him yesterday. I can't reconcile how he can be SO sick and still smile like this.

With Auntie Joan

With Cousin Sophie

With Auntie Leah

With Auntie Abby


Anonymous said...

Good morning, mamas. Mighty Mamas of York, marching up and down these collosal emotional hills.

Good morning Sweet Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop.

Blessings, blessings on your path today, whatever blessings you all most need.

pdoyle2 said...

Although we do not know each other personally[laura we met once]I feel I know you through your nyc uncles.Since the day you two fell in love,got married ,got pregnant,gave birth...up to now,we have been hearing of you and your amazing love for each other.When we were told about Simon's situation,it made us all realize how much love can grow even for someone who just arrived whom we have never met .I read your most eloquent and sometimes gut wrenching words and am amazed by your love, strength ,shimmys strength,and your support system.We want you to know,that the support system from nyc is large and growing daily. we cannot be there for you all in person,but we are here for you via your new york family. we cry together,laugh together,and put forth a positive energy for simon to find his path. you are not alone although at times it must feel like it. You have done everything [and then some]loving parents can do,and the world is a better place for him being in it.I am just someone who has been reading along with you every day and could contain myself no longer. I want to hug you both,i want to hold him,i want to do SOMETHING. so what i do is think positive,tell others to do the same and have coffee every morning with uncle B so he can have a friendly ear whom he knows truly cares about you all. Togethr with my family we are thinking good thoughts about your family each and every day. - Beth and Peter Doyle and children