Thursday, September 11, 2008

A good day

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So far it's been a good day here in Bay 22. We've been out for a walk and lay on the grass time. Simon showed off a little during Rounds, being lively and alert, we ate some more rice cereal, and I even got to practice a sterile procedure learning how to change his Broviac dressing. Shimmy's napping peacefully right now and our space is scattered with the most amazing array of baby paraphernalia you could imagine. There's a bumbo seat for sitting up and playing with food, there's a huge collection of finger puppets made by Gerardo and his colleagues over at the Tides Foundation (some are wearing the most fabulous glittery outfits ever seen on finger puppets), a stuffed octopus thing from Liz each of who's legs toots a different tone, Shimmy's stuffed boxer that's bigger than he is, three different bags of food that have all been brought today, me, laid out on the floor on a sleeping bag, and trashy magazines that Jaime and I are slowly getting through when Simon's asleep.
Bay #22 hasn't looked this lived in...ever.

We learned today that Simon's BNP that was drawn on Tuesday is 2650 which is about 200 points lower than it was last week. We're hoping that this is the beginning of a long and steady trend towards recovery.
The powerful messages of love and hope are astounding. Thank you so much.
My mom arrives Wednesday for a week and Jaime returns to work after an incredible week with the three of us together all day every day. It's been so necessary after the intensity of last weekend and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.
My back is still completely jacked but Vicodin has been helping and I'm feeling much better than I was a few days ago.
Generosity abounds:
Theresa, our stethoscope santa, came by tonight just to say Hi. She told me that I had a big butt and that Simon was looking so much better. Love her.
Auntie Joan made cookies for the security team, Nola drove all the way up from Woodside just to drop off dinner but had a dinner to go to herself (back in Woodside!!) and Carol our nurse got to partake in Karen's famous black bean, Avocado, and cabbage slaw.
Simon just seems to bring out the best in us, our family, and everybody around him. It's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi, its Liz from the Physician Network. I have been watching Simons progress since he was hospitalized and I wanted to let you know that I believe he is such a lucky boy to have two such loving and devoted parents. I am here, championing for Simon every day.

Gyrl said...

I am so excited to hear that he is doing so well. Sorry your back is still hurting..go vicodin!
Sending loads of love from So.Cal