Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Mellow Day

My first day back at work was a little overwhelming in the morning but felt better by the afternoon. Laura said Simon's morning was a bit rough too. He was puking pretty hard and they finally figured out that his NG tube was in too far. Once they fixed it, it seemed to be a fairly smooth day. We've also decided to give Simon only the banked breastmilk until Laura can clear the Vicodin and Ibuprofin from her system. We realized that that may have been contributing to his stomach upset too.

Haven't had our fabulous, kooky, bathing-obsessed nurse Carol in a few days and Simon is FILTHY! Carol needs to come back on shift and scrub that baby from head to toe :-)

Oh, and mystery solved. My friend Cherry was the Trader Joe's elf! *Mwah*

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Anonymous said...

Hey from the East Coast! Just wanted to say that Jules, Sadie and I - along with the entire Episcopal Divinity School "team" - are praying for you all. (That is a lot of Priests and healers on your side here). So, we read, we care, we are praying unceasingly.
Love to you all!