Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Song for Simon

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Okay, so Laura, my mom and I just bawled our eyes out, in a really good way. Carol started her shift by telling Laura that Cody, the Critical Care Support Technician who works evening shifts, had a gift for Simon. Cody came by after I got here to see what time we were going home tonight because he wanted to come by to give us his present. I couldn't wait and kept pestering him to tell us what it was.

He told us that last night he was having trouble sleeping and was thinking about us and was messing around on his guitar and a song just came to him. He then proceeded to play us this most beautiful song on his guitar (that he brought to work just so he could play it for us). He said he's going to record it in a studio (evidently he's a songwriter/performer!).

It was about the happiness in Simon's eyes and how he's not alone and that we're all holding hands and doing this together. There's even a line in there about his Mom and Mom. He's going to type up the words for us and we'll post them as soon as we have them. In the meantime, here's the video we caught of him performing. It's dark and hard to hear, but you can definitely feel the sweetness.
I was just saying to my Mom tonight that Simon manifests so much goodness in the world. It's incredible what keeps pouring out.

Looking preppy with his Auntie Sonya
Zuzu and Simon say 'Haayyyyy"
Shimmy rocking out with his Auntie Dre
Devilish boy (click to see larger photo for full effect)


Jen said...

Hi Jamie & Laura - Today (Sept 24) is Mountain Day at Mount Holyoke. I hope the two of you can get outside today, however briefly, and see the hills, hug a tree, eat a donut(although I don't think you can get cider donuts around here), or some such thing to celebrate.

You're all in our thoughts every day.

-Jen '91 & Melissa '90 & Nathan

abby said...

wah! i have a total crush on cody, and i love love love that shimmy has his own theme song.

Chien said...

i'm here at work, watching the video on this huge drafting monitor that i have, listening on my headphones and apparently sniffling very loudly--and i turn around to notice my coworkers and my boss peering at the screen!
...and team shimmy just expanded by 3...
he is amazing....simon, that is, though cody is pretty cool, too. beautiful song...


Auntie Fafa said...

Ok, Cody - that was totally uncalled for! Chills galore.

Amazing how this little man brings out the best in everyone, and brings them close, like a little teensy magnet :)

Always thinking of you guys,
Nurse Sara