Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stable like a table

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Shimmy's having a lovely day. He's played, he read new books, went out for a nice walk in the sunshine, is currently taking a nice 1.5 hour long nap, and had 2, yes 2 of the stinkiest poops I have ever smelled. There are many reasons to love breastmilk but one of them for sure is for the poop. Simon's poops always smelled kinda sweet or really like nothing at all. These formula poops are wicked. The weight gain is great though. Shimmy's averaging about 40 grams a day which is 1.33 ounces. Yay!!! I appreciate all the support around the ending of my milk and each day means that Simon and I find new ways of bonding. Still feeling sad that it's something I don't ever get to have back and that the reasoning for the end is not any kind of natural occurrence but it feels fine and important to just be with the sadness and at the same time enjoy our new activities together. Simon's just inches away from rolling over and in the last day has found his feet. A new love affair has begun. One foot is usually even more exciting than the other because of the red pulse-ox light. Who knew that finding one's own feet could be so fun.
We're also allowed two walks a day now and have figured out how to manage Simon in the sling even with all his wires and lines. He's loving getting out more and has taken to watching the cars go by through the small clearing of trees at the end of the parking lot that we walk around. It's fun to watch his head snap back and forth (gently) as one car passes and then another comes. Think- watching a tennis match.
Jaime's working late tonight so it's just me and Mamaw D. I miss Jaime but I am so grateful. Not just for her but for all of you riding this ride with our family. It's incredible not to feel alone. Simon feels it. He really does. You all are such an integral part of him having these great days. Thank you.
It's later in the evening now and I would have to say that Shimmy pretty much had a perfect day. Great long nap in the afternoon, very little spitting up, another sweet walk in the early evening, and a gentle journey to sleepland right around 7:30pm.
Aside from the elbow to the head that he got from his Mommy while working on rolling over today (he actually did it with just a little anchoring help from Mamaw D!!!), today was a perfect day. Sweetness, pure and simple.


Marsha D said...

My wish for you is many more perfect days!

Emily said...

It is so amazing and wonderful to hear the latest news. I encourage you not to stop reaching out to the other parents around you ( as I know you never would anyway) but from what I ahve seen parents can be incredible sources of mutual support in the PICU- even if you don't talk about your babies!

Elisa said...

I hope that you will remember Isaac and me from yoga class at 7th Heaven. A mutual aquantance gave me the link to your blog and filled me in on what's been happening with Simon. If there is anything we can do please do not the meanwhile we will be keeping you close in our thoughts.

brook and drew said...

yay for good days! let us know if you want company in the parking lot and micah will come right over to walk around with his buddy simon :)

Stork-in-a-Vial said...

we are soooo happy to hear that there is so much healing and happiness on the heels of all these changes. We are at home with household colds, but after they pass I really want to read to Simon

Eleanor Chrom said...

I see that my comments didn't come through. Oh well, as long as shimmy and you both get the vibes from me..We just got back from the Mediterranean , both very jet- lagged and with heavy chest colds. The first thing we did on entering the apartment was to log onto Shimmy's blog. We're sending and continue to send all of our love and support we have to all of you. The last couple of days have been both amazing and encouraging. Keep it up Shimmy.
Always with you....
Love, Ellie and Sol

Eleanor Chrom said...

We'll be coming to California Nov. 14 - 19. See you all then. Love, Ellie & Sol